At Froca, we have taken a step forward on the design and selection of raw materials to put on the market a collection of sheers and curtains with elegant textures. From the most classic designs to the most innovative, make your home a cozy place to be with our fabrics.

In addition, we offer our clients a wide range of fabrics and different styles for decoration or any type of upholstery & curtain dressing project.


ABRIL’s collection is a very fine and elegant sheer from our Concept line, 100% polyester, with 23 different colors.


AFRODITA is a sheer made of net fabric with an elegant touch and 4 colors avaialble.


ANASTASIA is a very elegant sheer offering 3 colors.


ARABIC’s collection is a velvet with a pleasant feel and subtle finish, available in 48 colors treated with H2OH! that allow an easy cleaning of stains on fabrics.


ARGO is a 300cms curtain with an overlapping effect of tones, soft touch and hang of the fabric with up to 21 colors.


ATILAN is a sheer with a net structure an trendy & elegant touch and 4 colors available.


BARBARA is an elegant textile with 52 different colors.


BASIC´s collection is characterized by a variety of simple but elegant sheers with 40 colors and textures available.


BELVEDERE´s collection has 17 different varieties of colors ideal for your home.


BRISEIDA is a sheer with a nice Jacquard structure made of natural yarns such as linen & cotton with a range of 4 colors.


CANDELA´s collection is a sheer made of a nice flame yarn structure and 24 colors to choose.


CASANDRA´s collection is a curtain with a cheviot structure made of different types of tones and yarn. This has a range of 12 colors.


CLARISA is a natural yarn sheer with weft & warp made of flame yarn and an elegant “fil Coupe” pattern and 3 colors available.


COCKTAIL collection is composed of Barracuda, Basilisco, Caipiriña, Daiquiri, Kamikaze & Margarita. Six decorative fabrics with uneven lines and groundbreaking prints.


DANIELA´s collection is a sheer with a linen effect with weft & warp made of a nice flame yarn, easy to keep and 12 colors.


DUNCAN’s collection is a 100% polyester sheer available in 18 colors with Teflon anti-stain treatment.


FAUNA consists of 4 velvet designs embossed on the fabric offering a variety of 36 colors.


FLASH ´s collection is a sophisticated sheer with a metallic effect in 5 different colors.


FRIDA is a sophisticated shiny woven net which gives a fine touch to your home.


GEMA is curtain from the Concept Collection. A high quality sustainable fabric and environmentally friendly treated with GREENLINE and a wide range of 30 colors.


GLADIS is a simple and elegant sheer with a great drop.


ICIAR is one of the sheers of our decorative fabrics, 100% polyester and Fireproof. Available in 12 colors.


KANDOR is a stylish sheer with a nice texture and up to 11 colors.


KILIAN is a very soft sheer from the Concept Collection. Treated with FABRIC PROTECTOR TEFLON and a selection of 18 colors.


MARRIOT collection is characterized by being a set of smooth fabrics, with a pleasant feel. They are 100% Black Out fabrics and are made of 100% Fire Retardant polyester. It is available in 20 colors.


MARVEL´s collection is a plain sheer with a fine texture and a range of 21 colors.


MELISA is a Jacquard curtain with a geometric texture. It offers 3 natural colors.


MILA is a sheer with a net structure which gives a trendy and elegant effect.  It has 3 colors available.


MUSA is a Jacquard sheer with an elegant geometric pattern and 3 colors.


NATUR collection is a sheer curtain made from linen, cotton and recycled polyester. IT has a fine feel and is available in a wide range of 40 colors.


NEFELES is a Jacquard curtain with a damak-like pattern made of natural fibres to provide a fine colorful combination of 3 varieties.


NINFA´s collection is a Jacquard curtain made of natural yarn and elegant geometric designs with a range of 4 colors.


NICOLETA is a plain curtain with warp and weft and a “washed” effect which makes it very elegant with a great drop.


NOA is a soft chenille curtain with 14 colors to choose.


OLAYA´s collection is a finely structured Jacquard sheer made of natural fibres such as linen & cotton.  It offers 4 colors.


PALMIRA is a sheer made of polyester, linen and viscose that belongs to our Natural line. It has a fine and soft feel and is available in 22 colors.


PARKER´s collection is a curtain with warp and weft Cheviot effect threads and up to 11 colors to choose.


SAFARI is an animal print velvet.


SIRIAM is a super stylish velvet made of viscose and polyester, with a very soft and warm touch. Treated with H2OH! Which makes it extremely easy to clean just with water and available in 24 colors.


STARK is a curtain collection with the effect of tones overlapping each other and a range of 3 colors.


TIMOR´s collection is 300 cms width, high quality velvet curtains with an extensive range of 25 colors.


ULMA´s collection is an elegant curtain made of fantasy yarn with shiny effect on it.  There are 4 different colors.


ZEINAIDA is a collection of Devoré fabric with an elegant semi-transparent printing in 3 different colors.


ZENIC is a curtain made of overlapping plain colors with a wide range of 22 different options.


ZURICH is a semi-transparent sheer produced in a beam loom with rough warp & weft effect and an elegant touch.  There are 13 colors to choose.